Monthly Archives: September 2022

Are you committed to psychological safety?

Mental health is not a new issue. Before COVID, one in five workers reported to work every day with a mental health concern, and WHO had identified depression as the leading cause of disability worldwide. COVID helped bring this issue to the fore but also exacerbated it. More workers are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and short-and…
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Building Knowledge and Skills to Positively Impact Workplace Mental Health

The challenge Most CEOs and senior leaders know why and what they need to do to create a psychologically safe workplace; however, knowing how to do it is a bigger challenge. In 2020, The Conference Board of Canada published Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap, developed by Howatt HR and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services. The Roadmap…
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Let Your Managers Know You’ve Got Their Back

The Niagara Institute recently released an excellent resource called The Ultimate Guide to Middle Management: What's Changing, Why it's Hard, and How to Get Ahead. The Guide dives into the challenges of surviving and thriving in the messy middle and points out that "middle managers have taken on a larger role in developing others, translating…
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