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There is an important shift occurring in business that is elevating health and safety from an operational issue to an integral component of strategic planning, risk management, performance and corporate social responsibility.

Investors and shareholders are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between a healthy organization and long-term financial success, and, as such, forward thinking boards of directors understand that health and safety must be on their agendas.

CEO Health + Leadership Network members are committed to using their influence to shape health and safety policy and culture across Ontario and Canada. They come together each year for two focused and outcome-driven roundtable discussions, turning ideas into actions that get results.

Below is a list of white papers you can download to learn about past roundtables. These resources are valuable sources of information on the latest in health and safety. Check out the event listing for upcoming topics and registration.


Valuing The Whole Person

Most people can think of a time when they felt afraid, stressed, anxious, harassed, perhaps depressed or grief-stricken about something at work or home, but didn't feel safe to share or express what they were experiencing, and instead had to press on and do their job.

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Honing Intuition: Practice Builds Excellence

The business world has an insatiable appetite for data. Data and evidence drive every decision and plan that is made, and the volume of data—structured and unstructured—feeding into every organization continues to grow year over year. However, there is another resource, arguably almost as powerful deep within us. It is…

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The Perfect Day

What would your perfect day look like? This was the question that brought over 70 CEOs and senior leaders together for a CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network Roundtable. The perfect day isn't about striving for perfection. It is made possible by a workplace culture that encourages asking and...

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Making the Connection

Systems, processes, culture and leadership are all significant contributing factors to incidents in the workplace. Human error is also a significant contributing factor. In fact, too often, we chalk an incident up to what DEKRA Insight calls The Traditional Three: ineptitude, indifference or ignorance. However, recent advancements...

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Harnessing the Power of Mindset

There's no question that stress, pressure to perform, distraction and diminishing attention spans are all taking their toll in the workplace. According to The Quality of Life @ Work study, conducted by Harvard Business Review and The Energy Project, 59% of workers are physically depleted.

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