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Preparing for uncomfortable conversations

By Dr. Bill Howatt How challenging are uncomfortable, emotionally charged conversations for you? As leaders, we face uncomfortable conversations regularly at work. Whether it’s denying a vacation request, rejecting a schedule change, not approving a professional development request, or ending employment because a position has been eliminated, these conversations can range from being a minor…
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Emotional literacy is a must for effective leadership

By Dr. Bill Howatt Did you know that 95% of our decisions are driven by emotions? They affect us all day long at work and at home, and when we are under strain, they can impact our choices and behaviours. If left unchecked, unpleasant emotions can lead to poor mental health - a particularly big…
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Leaders: Are You Promoting Your Employee and Family Assistance Program?

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley Imagine approaching a salesperson for assistance with buying a computer, only to be handed a flyer and left to your own devices. You’d likely go elsewhere to find a salesperson who was perhaps not an expert on computers but could at least share valuable insights and offer information…
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