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How leaders can mitigate the risk of COVID Fatigue

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley French version: Comment les dirigeants peuvent atténuer les risques associés à la fatigue de la COVID- 19 COVID Fatigue is not a clinical diagnosis. It’s an insidious state of mind usually stemming from an extended period of missing social connections and pre-COVID routines and activities, combined with mental exhaustion…
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Making the business case for mental health in the workplace

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Andrew Harkness Many leaders underestimate reports of increased sick time and disability due to mental illness. They behave much like an NFL coach when a star player goes down in a close game. The coach may acknowledge the hurt player, but their focus quickly shifts to the game and soon…
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It’s Never Too Late to Develop Authentic Leadership Skills

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley French version: Il n’est jamais trop tard pour acquérir des compétences en leadership authentique COVID-19 has forever altered how work gets done and how leaders lead — but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a leader, the pandemic has granted an opportunity to weave some authentic leadership behaviours…
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