Our Goals

Shaping a safer tomorrow

Our members are committed to the following goals:

  • Develop a sustainable strategy for a province-wide culture of health and safety.
  • Help shape health and safety policy in our province and nation-wide.
  • Demonstrate the return on investment and business value of health and safety.
  • Recognize and celebrate efforts and results that create a healthy and safe culture among the CEO community.
  • Engage in peer to peer dialogue to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote leadership by example.


Measuring success

Shared leadership in shaping health & safety policy and culture across Ontario and Canada
  • Increasing number of participants at CEO events
  • Meetings with political decision-makers and community influencers
  • Creation of position papers, policy reviews, collaborative research
  • Annual publication of Network accomplishments
Growth in membership and sustained engagement
  • All industries and business sizes represented
  • Increase in annual membership
Long-term financial strength
  • Robust sponsorship program
  • Growing number of sponsors
Contribution to the success of individual member firms
  • Improved LTIs, employee engagement, productivity and profitability
  • Public reporting of health and safety performance
Recognition through Canada's Best Health + Safety Culture Award
  • Increasing number and quality of submissions
  • Media coverage
Robust knowledge sharing
  • Profile at industry events and in professional publications
Amplified dialogue
  • Strategic use of technology, social and traditional media


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