Integrating Health And Safety Into Your Board Agenda

Learn more about this critical step in creating a culture of health and safety.

A Critical Step In Creating A Culture of Health And Safety

CEO Health + Leadership Network members are committed to a shared leadership in shaping health & safety policy and culture across Ontario and Canada. CEOs and Executives come together each year for two focused and outcome-driven roundtable discussions, turning ideas into actions that will take health & safety in Ontario to the next level.

Learn about our current and past roundtable topics by downloading our white papers.

There is an important shift occurring in business that is elevating health and safety from an operational issue to an integral component of strategic planning, risk management, performance and corporate social responsibility.

Investors and shareholders are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between a healthy organization and long-term financial success, and, as such, forward thinking boards of directors understand that health and safety must be on their agenda.


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