Taking the Lead on Creating a Culture of Health and Safety

Taking the Lead on Creating a Culture of Health and Safety

The CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network is bringing leaders from businesses of all types and sizes together to transform health and safety in Ontario. Network members believe in the connection between health and safety and business performance. They are committed to continuous improvement in their workplaces and helping all Ontario businesses get ahead of the curve.

Leaders are realizing the value of the Network and appreciate that it provides them with a safe environment to examine health and safety opportunities and challenges with their peers. Together they are:

  • enhancing health and safety performance in their individual workplaces
  • contributing to the transformation of health and safety culture in Ontario
  • influencing provincial and national health and safety policies
  • contributing to Ontario's sustainability and growth
  • celebrating health and safety leadership

In 2015, the Network hosted two CEO Roundtables and three Operational Leaders Safety Culture Networking and Knowledge Exchange events, launched its website, and released a white paper on integrating health and safety into the board agenda.

It was an eventful year, which culminated with the presentation of the first Canada's Best Health + Safety Culture Award to the Vancouver Airport Authority at the Canada’s Safest Employers Awards ceremony. The award celebrates health and safety leadership and is presented by the CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network, in collaboration with Canada's Safest Employers and Thomson Reuters.

"If we can share our best ideas with our competitors  and people from different fields, and build a Health and Safety culture for Ontario, for Canada and the world, we would have done a really good thing. There is nothing proprietary (about health and safety) and we should all feel free to share that."

Charles Rate
Executive Vice President
SNC - Lavalin

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