Safety Culture Network & Knowledge Exchange

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Safety Culture Network & Knowledge Exchange

Behind every great CEO stands a dynamic team of senior leaders whose commitment, knowledge and expertise help drive corporate success. Propelled by the best information available to them, these top organizational leaders ensure their management systems and cultures work to hone their company's competitive advantage.

This is especially true for health and safety.

It's no wonder that our Safety Culture Knowledge & Network Exchange (NKE) sessions have become very popular among operational leaders.

Our Focus

The Safety Culture Knowledge, Networking and Exchange Group (SC-NKE) is for organizations who are interested in building a culture of safety beyond compliance.

The Value of Joining the Safety Culture NKE

  • Access to case studies of leading organizations in the field.
  • Discover new approaches from your counter-parts to take health and safety performance to the next level.
  • Find a supportive network of people who may be facing similar challenges and are keen to work together to solve problems and/or offer tools, advice.
  • A supportive forum where you can exchange ideas with like-minded professionals and explore strategies for weaving the principles of health and safety into their individual workplaces.
  • Learn from leading indicator studies.


Safety Culture NKE members know an opportunity when they see it and they do something about it. They've recognized that health and safety isn't just a budget line; a strong occupational health and safety program can yield profit.

Members include senior managers and organizational health and safety leads from a cross-section of businesses - large and small, representing a variety of industry sectors.

Designed by Members for Members

Designed by members for members, there are four to five meetings per year hosted by various organizations in the GTA. (Note: We look forward to welcoming other Ontario regions in the following years when we have member-capacity, but for now, this group is mostly GTA-based.) There is no membership fee.

Come when you can. Listen. Share. Discuss. Advise.

Bring others in your organization or network when the topic is pertinent to them.

Many of our organizations take turns hosting the breakfasts or lunches, and giving tours of their facilities, but it's not mandatory.


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Safety Culture Knowledge, Networking & Exchange Group (SC-NKE) is for organizations who are interested in building a culture of safety beyond compliance

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