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Cultivating a Workplace of Civility & Respect

Virtual Panel Discussion: Cultivating a Workplace of Civility & Respect with Agnes McLachlan as our Moderator and our Panelists Sheldon Kennedy, Respect Group, Tony McGrath, The Grand Theater, and Dr. Bill Howatt.

Civility & Respect are present in a work environment where employees are respectful and considerate in their interactions with one another, as well as with customers, clients, and the public. Our workplaces are constantly evolving and the future of work is changing along with it. But we are still struggling with addressing and improving civility and respect in our workplaces. How can organizations create respectful workplace cultures where more employees feel valued and respected? How do we build awareness of the responsibility of each employee to contribute to a positive workplace culture and how do we get involved in developing and being part of the solution?  Download this video to hear from our distinguished panel and learn more about the paths organizations can take to create and improve civility and respect in our workplaces.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Role of Leaders in Building Inclusive Workplaces was the topic of our roundtable discussion on May 1, 2018. Participants talked about the business case for Diversity and Inclusion, and examined the role leaders must play in changing attitudes and behaviours in building a truly inclusive workplace.

Marijuana in the Workplace – A Panel Discussion for Leaders

The Canadian government has announced its plan to legalize cannabis for non-medical recreational use in 2018. The expanding access to legal marijuana possession and use has raised concerns for employers who are required to ensure employees are fit to perform their duties at work. Managing medical cannabis in the workplace is a delicate balance between the employer’s duty to accommodate and maintaining a safe workplace.

In this video, panelists Roy Slack - CEO of Cementation Canada, Ted Moroz - CEO of The Beer Store, Asha Rampersad - Legal Counsel at Bernardi HR Law, Aaron North - CEO of Vector Medical Corporation and other leaders shared their insights on the potential impact to organizations and the role senior leaders should play.

Medical Marijuana: How to Manage it in the Workplace

Dan Demers, Senior Manager of Strategic Business Development, CannAmm

This webinar is aimed at helping employers understand these changes, implications to safety and provide guidance on how to manage these challenges in safety sensitive industries.