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The Perfect Day

What would your perfect day look like? This was the question that brought over 70 CEOs and senior leaders together at the latest CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network Roundtable. The perfect day isn't about striving for perfection. It is made possible by a workplace culture that encourages asking and listening; it relies on policies,…
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Making the Connection

Systems, processes, culture and leadership are all significant contributing factors to incidents in the workplace. Human error is also a significant contributing factor. In fact, too often, we are quick to chalk an incident up to what DEKRA Insight calls The Traditional Three: ineptitude, indifference or ignorance. However, recent advancements in neuroscience have given us…
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Medical Marijuana: How to Manage it in the Workplace

Dan Demers, Senior Manager of Strategic Business Development, CannAmm

This webinar is aimed at helping employers understand these changes, implications to safety and provide guidance on how to manage these challenges in safety sensitive industries.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Moving Insight into Action

Mental Health in the Workplace: Moving Insight into Action In February 2016, Lundbeck Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), and the Workforce Mental Health Collaborative released the report Workplace Mental Health in Canada, based on their survey of nearly 600 individuals from across Canada. Their goal was to find out where workplaces are on…
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