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The Role of Leaders in Building Inclusive Workplaces

"Diversity is a fact. It has been here since the beginning of time. Inclusion is a choice.  Inclusion is about getting the mix to work-creating places where people can come to work and do their jobs and be successful." - Michael Bach, Founder and CEO, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) [button text="Read..." link=""…
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Marijuana in the Workplace

Conversations About the Impact on Employers and Employees The federal Cannabis Act was introduced on April 13, 2017. Ontario led province-wide consultations before introducing its Cannabis Act on November 1, 2017. It is expected that in July 2018, cannabis will be legalized across Canada.  How do you fulfill your duty to accommodate while protecting your…
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Marijuana in the Workplace – A Panel Discussion for Leaders

The Canadian government has announced its plan to legalize cannabis for non-medical recreational use in 2018. The expanding access to legal marijuana possession and use has raised concerns for employers who are required to ensure employees are fit to perform their duties at work. Managing medical cannabis in the workplace is a delicate balance between the employer’s duty to accommodate and maintaining a safe workplace.

In this video, panelists Roy Slack - CEO of Cementation Canada, Ted Moroz - CEO of The Beer Store, Asha Rampersad - Legal Counsel at Bernardi HR Law, Aaron North - CEO of Vector Medical Corporation and other leaders shared their insights on the potential impact to organizations and the role senior leaders should play.

The Perfect Day

What would your perfect day look like? This was the question that brought over 70 CEOs and senior leaders together at the latest CEO Health + Safety Leadership Network Roundtable. The perfect day isn't about striving for perfection. It is made possible by a workplace culture that encourages asking and listening; it relies on policies,…
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