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Leaders Can Ease Mental Health Concerns And Encourage Healthy Coping Strategies

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley French version: Les dirigeants peuvent apaiser les craintes liées à la santé mentale et encourager de saines stratégies d’adaptation Do your employees have more mental health concerns now than they did pre-COVID? And, how are they coping? The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and The Conference Board of…
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Worry about returning to the workplace

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley French version: Inquiétudes liées au retour en milieu de travail As employees return to the workplace after being laid off or forced to work at home because of COVID-19 restrictions, many are worried about protecting themselves and their families. In fact, research conducted by the Conference Board of Canada…
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Report on Loneliness, Isolation and Resilience

By Dr. Bill Howatt Help employees stay socially connected in the workplace Before COVID, we were already starting to experience a global loneliness epidemic. Over the last few months, COVID-19 has shone an even brighter light on this important issue and the impact that isolation and loneliness can have on an employee’s overall sense of…
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Burnout: What leaders must know and what they can do to support employees

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley French version: Épuisement professionnel: Ce que les dirigeants doivent savoir et ce qu’ils peuvent faire pour aider leurs employés Most leaders have heard of the term burnout, but not all understand its legitimacy. Unfortunately, burnout is often dismissed as regular workplace stress, or worse yet, a personal weakness of…
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