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Leadership behaviours to support mental health

By Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley As leaders, most of the advice we seek today will be yesterday’s news by tomorrow. But we believe there are two pieces of advice on which you’ll be able to hang your hat throughout the entirety of COVID-19 - and beyond. Being kind is more important than being right,…
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Managing and supporting teams during the pandemic

Nowhere is this business as usual. In this pandemic there is and will be a lot of uncertainty and fear. Employers and managers need to be empathetic, educated on COVID-19 and aware of the impact this pandemic may be having on employees who are operating in both essential and non-essential roles. The reality is: no…
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How Do I Prepare for Self-quarantine

Blog Question: How will I mentally prepare for self-isolation? Many may skip this question because when we think of self-isolating our minds automatically go to physical preparation. Survival basics of food, water and shelter have naturally been the focus as we’ve responded to instructions to self-isolate. The fact that it is involuntary is perhaps at…
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