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Keeping People Psychologically Safe When Disaster Strikes

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Michel Rodrigue We all experience crisis at some point in our lives. Critical events, such as workplace emergencies, environmental disasters, social conflicts, personal crises and more can be overwhelming. However, with appropriate preparation and response to these events, we can mitigate the negative impacts to employees, their families, and the…
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Are financial worries keeping your employees awake at night?

By Dr. Bill Howatt The average Canadian spends approximately two hours a day worrying about their finances. Sixty-four percent of workers worry several times per month, and nine percent worry whenever a bill is due. Another 48% say they’ve lost sleep because of financial worries. A survey conducted in 2021 revealed that 84% of Canadians are worried…
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The Future of Work and its Impact on Psychological Health and Safety

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Michel Rodrigue Entering a new era of work two years into a global pandemic, we are facing new challenges and continued uncertainty. As leaders, we are strategic thinkers, always looking at the future to ensure our organizations succeed. It can be easy for us to get lost in urgent deliverables…
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