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How Leaders Can Support Introverts in the Workplace

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Andrew Harkness “At least one third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking, who innovate and create but dislike self promotion, who favour working on their own over working in teams.”- Susan Cain, Quiet Did you know that introverts make up…
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Psychological Safety, Social Connections and Self-Advocacy

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Andrew Harkness Only 23% of Canadian workers would feel comfortable talking to their employer about a psychological health issue. [1] The average employee spends about seven working days per year stressed out about a work-related problem instead of coming forward with their concern. Often, it is because they don’t feel…
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Leaders Have the Power to Instil Hope During the COVID Crisis

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley French version: Ces chefs de file qui ont le pouvoir de faire naître l’espoir durant la crise de la COVID-19 The lens through which we see the world influences what we believe is possible. When we’re caught in a pattern of thinking that magnifies hopelessness and feeds our fear,…
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Trust: A Core Pillar of a Psychologically Safe Workplace

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley Many engagement surveys ask employees to rank the degree to which they trust their leaders and organization, but most fail to ask whether they feel trusted by their manager and organization. Trust is an important metric for organizations, but it is equally important that employees feel trusted in…
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