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Creating a culture of mental wellness this winter

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley French version: Créer une culture du bien-être mental cet hiver In today’s economy, employees may be doubling their outputs out of fear of being made redundant. From the employer perspective, this could easily be perceived as a benefit that results from employees working at home and eschewing the…
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Supporting Employees’ Mental Fitness

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Andrew Harkness Self-awareness is a powerful tool. For example, if we step on a scale and discover that we are 10 pounds overweight, we have a choice. We can do nothing, or we can adjust our lifestyle by eating less and exercising more. The same is true for mental health.…
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How leaders at all levels create space to receive constructive feedback

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley Feedback is important in the workplace at any time, especially now, as many leaders at all levels within organizations are struggling to keep employees who are working remotely connected to their work and colleagues in a meaningful way. For employees to feel valued, included and engaged, they need…
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You Can’t Fix Loneliness, But You Can Facilitate Social Connections

How can a small employer ensure that every employee has one safe social connection in the workplace? A participant asked this question at Social Connection and Psychological Safety, part one of a two-part webinar series led by Dr. Bill Howatt on behalf of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS). Webinar links: Social Connection and Psychological…
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