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Are you making sleep a priority in your workplace?

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Michel Rodrigue You likely don’t spend too much time thinking about whether your employees have had a good night’s sleep, but maybe you should. Employees may become sleep-deprived due to working long hours or feeling stressed about work and/or personal issues. These employees are more likely to feel fatigued, which…
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Valuing The Whole Person

Most people can think of a time when they felt afraid, stressed, anxious, harassed, perhaps depressed or grief-stricken about something at work or home, but didn't feel safe to share or express what they were experiencing, and instead had to press on and do their job. [button text="Read..." link="/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/CEO-Network-Spring-2022-White-Paper.pdf" style="default" size="small" target="_blank" display="inline" icon="book"]
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